Furniture industry into profit, four strategies help break through the bottleneck

Changes in the economic environment as a whole, the furniture industry in recent years and is difficult, rise in the cost of national macro-regulation policy, these are the inevitable impact on the furniture industry, furniture industry has entered a "small profit" era.
Understanding the situation,
From an international perspective, the United States anti-dumping policies to China's wooden furniture, (rates ranging from 43.23% to 216.01%, tax deferred implementation for 5 years) index furniture export prospects is waning. In domestic markets, the continued economic downturn and property regulation effects, furniture consumption is relatively low, while inflation, price hikes, furniture production costs inevitably rise, pressure greater human and material resources, to furniture companies, are even worse.
Exports for several years, more furniture brands are turning to the domestic market, when untimely coincided with the country's eight, the first urban consumption significantly prevented, so the furniture company and had to move to two or three cities in China. Many enterprise of Align Align Beach, two or three line city of consumption tension also is some insufficient, this "great leap forward" type of development obviously increased has two or three line City competition degree, but this trend has cannot reversed, industry people is expected to, furniture retail expansion next also will continues to became whole furniture industry long-term faced of State, but this also does not can said is a bad, this fittest of process on furniture industry long-term view is useful harmless of, can became industry growth long of drive force.
In market competition fierce, products with quality of of status Xia, furniture enterprise to wants to stand out must clear himself of positioning, made different of products and brand culture, to long conducive to market position, to himself a clear of positioning, clear himself what is higher end, and in the end, and low-end route, has has direction to towards this direction right go down, or neither fish nor fowl of positioning in market Shang of location must will is embarrassing.
The saying goes, "water flows, people walking on high", now there are many furniture companies ready, start banner high-end high end, hoped that occupies their place at the top end of the market, which has lost. So far, not many successful, many companies are throwing good money after bad, just learning to walk, to run fell and no natural light, product quality and all eyes were staring at the high end of the market, of course, is to no avail.
Some enterprises also have been looking to enter the high end stores to upgrade their social status, but this is not necessarily the best way to survive in the era between the. According to statistics, Red Star meikai long 2010 more than a year to open more than 40 shops, number of new store openings a year before that the entire historical period of the total, saw such a rapid expansion of the situation, you must assume that the furniture industry's unprecedented prosperity, but store expansion pushed the vacancy rate, channel hegemony prompted stores rent "take off". "In the past month of 200 square meters rent is 20,000, has 500,000 of profits, is now about 300 flat monthly rate rose to 40,000, only 50,000 of profit, and sometimes even less. "So common phenomenon is that the dealer with a sigh years busy, busy momentum, profits decreased rather than increased.
Strong direction
"Expansion" the frequency of the term in recent years in the furniture industry is high, from the store's expansion, to the advancement of the market, and expansion. New deal further with the property market, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities market shrinking, which forced some furniture companies to look for other ways, opening up new markets, so two or three cities became their primary hunting grounds, which also forced the store to a certain extent "great leap forward".
Along increasingly more of well-known brand into two or three line market, for SMEs for, market by extrusion of pain far to is less than spirit Shang of torture, wants to March two or three line city and than can't family of brand, on even originally occupy of three or four line city market share also became precarious, fear which days was family Rob has jobs, because this situation Xia, who also can't guarantee, expansion army not further sinking to three or four line city, then himself of site keep not has the how is good?
Under this scene, SMEs or large companies or even, the market is always the law of the jungle, to keep his site need progress to enrich themselves. For strength for not enough businesses, don't panic too much, nor blindly marching to the higher-end of the market, rather than risk panic, might as well stop and recognize ourselves: what role do I play in the market? Future where? What is the direction? Where is my cake? The more crucial time, find their own direction and firm down, is particularly important.
Brand King     Green Office furniture
Products gradually increased, the market becomes more competitive environment, consumers look forward to most is the product of high quality and low price, value for money is the focus of their concerns. In the era of the attention economy, can win the favor of consumers must, above all, is product visibility, visibility is sometimes closely related to the product brand, the visibility would be tantamount to a brand, no brand, nor become well-known products.
Furniture brands in recent years more and more intensively high brand consciousness awaken, so many companies are in the way of brand began to explore. The baptism of the after market, more and more companies realize the value of brands, they begin from the selection of raw materials, product quality, style and technology and others are beginning to work, pave the way for the road of brand. Some companies advertising and publicity at all costs, celebrity endorsements, all of these efforts say that furniture industry brand awareness and determination.
Brand's ultimate goal is profit, as we all know now, rent, labor cost hikes of raw materials, product profit margins shrink, if not by brand to increase the added value of products, furniture industry profit margins, it's hard to be guaranteed. Now furniture is not the impression among the people of profiteering industry, degree of competition has come to a head, if not with the brand, the furniture industry is difficult to survive in today's market environment. At this stage, who had the courage to not much profit feedback to branding, and brand value in the market comes into play, which brands achieved return on investment of time, but it can take the enterprise "a small gain overall" vision.
Furniture industry into profit there is no need to panic, just do your own thing to do right now we will be able to hold. An industry has developed to a mature stage, go into profit, violent era is gone in the furniture industry, enterprises need to do the strategy is flexible and responsive. BACK
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