Furniture industry in the development of e-commerce issues

With the development of Internet economy, more and more traditional industries began to move into e-commerce. However, encountered a lot of problems in the development of many industries. Our furniture industry but also so, here now compiled the following issues related to the development of e-commerce in the furniture industry, hoping to draw everyone's thinking.
Integrity and product quality issues, online mall
Furniture shopping to consumers, on the one hand they are looking more favorable price than the store, but also worried about product quality problems, online shopping, after all, you don't see real products, but only shows pictures on Web pages, and for consumers to buy a invisible intangible commodity there is some risk, worry about the quality problem is taken for granted.
Second, the impact on traditional channels of online shopping
Tap into e-commerce, open up new channels would inevitably have an impact on traditional dealer channels. Totally abandoning traditional channels is not desirable for most businesses. Home products is high volume and longer product, most consumers in the selection must be in person before they can buy, home products depend on the characteristics of these traditional channels will persist at a certain time.
Third, the establishment, maintenance and promotion of the online store
For most of the traditional home businesses, set up online shop will need to recruit personnel familiar with the network. A mature online shopping mall was established to promote, also requires considerable marketing costs, development costs of the new channels will be improved a lot.
Four, household products, logistics, packing
Home products a lot of bulky and breakable, and online shopping will definitely produce a different deal with this situation, the household products who will bear the cost of the transportation problems, who's responsible for product damaged in transit, these are unavoidable problems in home shopping.
Five, home products
Home products installation there is a certain degree of difficulty, some products require professionals to complete the installation. Selling products online has no territorial limits, such a "wide net" approach is undoubtedly increasing the difficulty and cost of household product sales, general business is unable to offer nationwide installation service after the sale.
Hope getting ready to enter the field of e-commerce furniture enterprises, to further reflect on the company's development, hope after mature thinking in the development of e-commerce, do not blindly, that is extremely conducive to the development of the company. BACK
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