Scanning eyes China's furniture industry is "foreign" brand

Scanning eyes China's furniture industry is "foreign" brand
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China is a global furniture manufacturer and exporter in 2006, China's total furniture exports surpassed Italy as the world furniture export country 2010 China's furniture exports reached US $ 33.7 billion. China imported furniture lines continue to improve, China National furniture Association data show that the first half of 2011, total imports of Chinese furniture has nearly $ 1 billion, two consecutive years of rapid growth. DaVinci counterfeit, substandard product problems were exposed by CCTV, foreign brands of furniture production and consumption caused a lot of discussion.
Scan of China's furniture industry, we found that the artist home and fake "foreign" brand of Islands, it is only present chaos of China's furniture industry is tip of the iceberg. Behind expensive furniture, a large part of the Chinese-made "foreign" brand, who was not able to understand but very fashionable Western names, but furniture is covered with layers of "Ocean".
Eyes are "foreign" brand
Walk down a large furniture store, greeted most of the brand name furniture stores used letter combinations, either Hanyu Pinyin spelling, while others are made up of the first letter of pinyin abbreviation, but for the next followed by several Chinese, simply don't understand. In addition to the name, the business logo or put up posters also exudes identity. "Italy original design" "noble life, originating in Europe" and "British-style casual classics". These foreign name brand furniture more than half claim to have origins in Europe and America, Italy and the United Kingdom and the United States, and Germany and other countries.
Scanning eyes China's furniture industry is "foreign" brand
Local brand furniture covered with a layer of "foreign" skin is easy to mistake for imported furniture, coupled with their high price, the consumer tends to care too much about the sales staff at time of purchase "side of the story." Consumers in the Hall saw the torn packaging, furniture has been installed, the identification label on the packaging and packaging, can be seen only when the receipt of purchase, which increases the risk of purchase.
In fact, genuine and fake foreign brand in the furniture industry turmoil for a long time: gold-plated false labeling, false propaganda, foreign brands, distribution chaos, authorized OEM labeling phenomena is already rampant in the furniture industry. I heard one dealer said domestic and imported under the "export" products can be said to account for the current 95% per cent of imported furniture, mostly in the Guangdong area by the factory. For example, the same set of sofa, Mark brand, cost about 8,000 yuan if annotations made in Sino-foreign joint venture, cost about 20,000 yuan if marked United States production, prices increased by 780,000 yuan, if Italy is more expensive.
These so-called "foreign" brand furniture, known as "imports" of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, many are large core veneer furniture panels as the main raw material. However, the related departments of Zhejiang Province market sampling earlier this year found that nominal "solid wooden furniture" furniture test pass rate is zero. Many manufacturers take the condemnation of the world, harming the interests of consumers, mainly because he really sell veneer furniture wood signs, profit has doubled in a few comments, some profit can be as high as baifenzhijibai, and real wood furniture is not highly profitable, only 15% to 30%.
Why is "foreign" brand
Really to investigate its roots, in red star beauty Kay Dragon, and ouyad, and gold hippocampus, home stores, real from abroad of furniture brand does not many, most furniture brand are derived from domestic, but these furniture brand is most up with "Ocean" name, said raw materials from abroad of wood, used abroad of advanced design, at first glance a see thought is imports brand, but its manufacturing site in China.
Why have a "foreign" names, called "foreign" brand? In order to cater to the tastes of consumers, in order to upgrade the quality and brand value, in order to achieve the objective of increasing sales.
Today, most consumers blindly brand furniture: because the real brand of furniture in product quality and after-sales service than China's domestic brands are doing well, especially a number of industries in the international leading level, is very attractive to consumers. BACK
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