New concept of four-dimension design of office furniture

Traditional room decoration design ideas, is only considered triune harmony of the floors, walls and roofs, is a three-dimensional design, rather than configuration as the holistic content of furniture. If furniture could be colors, brands, as room decoration styles into account, seek the overall effect of living space, the entire design will be more harmonious, this is new ideas-decorating-dimensional design.
Specifically, it has the following:
One: (1) If using a warm wall paint combined with wooden flooring and modern-style furniture, complemented by bright lights will add a sense of warmth to be fully reflected. Modern decorative picture frames wall decoration in the widespread use of elegant European-style flat-top, the enthusiasm of the people excited about the up and stylish ceiling, dream dance. To increase the depth of the space, can also be gradually progressive upward at the ceiling design. This four-dimensional design, such as configuring designer furniture, will be the ideal choice. (2) in the selection of light coloured modern furniture at the same time, Interior take into consideration, the decoration is characterized by simple, natural, full of original meaning, is unique. Ceiling and wall latex paint, the color is close to the color of the sofa fabric, seamless appearance. Suspended ceilings and furniture with exquisite color modeling simple, crisp, smooth lines, and echoed with the whole bedroom style, it is a good choice. Furniture ups and downs, artistic, the interior atmosphere full of harmony.
-Control: (1) indoor use light colored furniture (such as Walnut-colored, milky white furniture), milky white walls and a dark red ground, forming a strong color contrast, will have a better space for artistic effect. (2) the General color tone instead of the bedroom. Different design furniture and the walls are made of dark and light wooden floors on the ground, finishing of the ceiling light colored paint is used, also makes the interior space is full of artistic taste, gives a refreshing feeling. Or dark wood furniture, with a white roof, blue wallpaper, light colored floors, will make the bedroom was filled with classic style, show Palace-elegant.
Sweet harmony: bedroom decoration should reflect the overall effect of coordination of a warm family atmosphere. Master bedroom, second bedroom, living rooms, children's rooms, kitchen, toilet, etc, integrating space each, without disturbing each other but convenient, expression of content and style in every room, all right, in good order. Indoor color note soft and coordination. Popular styles of children's furniture with mosaic of bright colors, and the bedroom wall, Zenith and other coordination. Special attention to selected wall color, because it is dynamic and static background scene is set off the interior space of the screen. Modern kitchen furniture, and harmonious matching of floors, ceilings, you will create a warm and pleasant conditions in the kitchen. BACK
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