Problems existing in the design of China's furniture industry

The Canton fair as exhibitors from different parts of the country, both the South and the North, so they basically represent the overall level of China's furniture industry. From displayed of furniture products design and making process of level see, domestic top furniture enterprise of products quality has close or reached international level, but with this culture connotation of products still not more, description in recent years China furniture industry of development made has progress, but overall level still to be into is improve, exhibition products in the, used has technology, and materials, and has creative of products sales high, and style fell in the, and lack creative of products its price lower, as in exhibition Shang see a Office furniture, 4 meters more long, and Styling heavy, and with corner of rectangular class Taiwan, again with two a file cabinet, and a tea Cabinet, and from with material to work are is good, but its wholesale price only 5000 Yuan, so cheap reasons only a, that is products styling behind, no design creative of added value, this exhibition during had saw witnessed has such a thing, in exhibition assessment process in the, one exhibition business to Exhibition sponsor complaints another a exhibition business of exhibits has plagiarism suspected, is said to have this phenomenon in over of exhibition in the occurred.
Office furniture-why we don't fall behind the equipment to produce comparable quality furniture with European brands in the international market, lack of competitiveness? Not only that, but in recent years weak domestic furniture market is widespread problem. Lack of creativity, no self designed Asian products at very low prices on the European market, the same quality of product, market price difference with Europe nearly 10 times, was no different from selling wood. Is the main reason our products are design in Europe and America, do not have their own design style, lacks its own distinctive national character and the language of the times, while companies did not create their own brand. BACK
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