Tyrone office furniture site in crackdown

On March 27, the international furniture Exposition, Guangzhou, China-Office furniture fair held in Guangzhou pazhou complex. This is the only region with a comprehensive display of "Office environment" for the positioning of exhibition.
During the exhibition, Guangdong well-known office furniture enterprises in the Talon Group Vice President lead lawyers and patent certificate to show, copy, counterfeit crackdown on patent and intellectual property office furniture products. According to Chen's move to promote original furniture manufacturing industry in China, promoting design innovation to combat illegal imitation and counterfeiting to play an active leading role. Some furniture enterprises also have to be part of the pitch. Presence caused concern in the industry.
It is understood that the support of the organizers, the activist operations resulted in the revocation of the Tyrone office furniture in the two companies that have copied patented products on display. Dismantle stolen Tyrone patent product in a company advertising wall pictures. BACK
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