Board office furniture the next 50 years the prospect of incalculable

At present, the Office furniture furniture accounted for 60% of the furniture market share gradually, because of its appearance, design and price factors, more and more consumers are choosing it as a preferred home improvement.
In this regard, the meeting also discussed the furniture trends of raw materials. Participants believe that Particleboard has advantages in performance, quality, environmental protection, and hopes of upstream and downstream manufacturers to further cooperation, joint research material needs. Glory General Manager Lee Kun-yung think of office furniture, particle board furniture will be the direction of development in the coming years. In his view, the particle board in the next five to ten years will increase. Particleboard is low-carbon, environment-friendly products, small amount of glue used, the production process does not need to be washed, pollutant emissions is small, good for the environment. In addition, in Europe, the development faster than Particleboard fiberboard. So now the Office furniture industry use particle board
In addition, Zhengzhou office furniture Association, Meng Fanjun also pointed out that the national emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, high rate of comprehensive utilization of wood panel of choice for furniture industry in the future. Plus the worldwide scarcity of wood resources in the future, high raw material prices, as well as the furniture more in line with the needs of urbanization, furniture advantage is more obvious. BACK
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