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Issue of protection of intellectual property in today's highlight, because the Chinese furniture industry has reached a new stage of development, in this phase of winning by quality rather than quantity, associated with every company in the industry has some kind of intellectual property. Intellectual property rights are to be reckoned with, it's about a company and a healthy development of the industry, should be taken seriously
Historically, plagiarism becomes China's furniture industry a common and difficult problems to solve. World of furniture where plagiarism seriously? For example, you seen.
Furniture Association of nearly 100 enterprises in the local executives to visit Shenzhen. Before the visit to the enterprise, responsible for the reception of people see those veterans are holding the camera. Says businesses can't take pictures with them, when you want them to visit, don't put the camera or phone out for taking pictures. These people have said yes, but to the scene. Responsible for the reception of so few people. Simply not seen that bailaihao a person. The trying landlord means a company Vice President, was even the host's face desperate now, repeatedly shouting "no photos", "no photos"!
In the age of intellectual property protection, protection of intellectual property rights and more attention to the furniture industry. Denied plagiarism, calling for moral behavior no longer regulate the industry only verbally, and original works of individuals, enterprises and related sectoral action to protect original works are under way. How to prevent plagiarism in the furniture industry of the wind, original design and promoting the development of China's furniture industry to a higher level, has become the trade issues of common concern.
Property rights protection awareness increasing
Protection of original furniture design, furniture protection of intellectual property rights, establish and improve the relevant laws and regulations are the primary through the Majesty of the law to deter plagiarism, in this connection, the furniture industry in the past few years there has been a welcome situation.
SHUNDE furniture industry association of intellectual property protection after 2002 was proclaimed, in this year's world intellectual property day, in order to better help furniture furniture enterprises in the region to protect intellectual property rights, the first evidence of the furniture system.
Shenzhen furniture Association, have established special regulations for the protection of intellectual property rights, provides member companies can not copy each other.
Many companies are also beginning to use intellectual property laws to protect their advantage technology, brand, patent applications had become the trend. It is understood that in the 1th 5, 16, during a session of famous furniture exhibition. Companies patent more than more than 2,100, 2006 Dongguan patent applications 20%, 150% over the 2005. Dongguan furniture Club Deputy Secretary-General of the King's hunting "said patent applications has increased from over more than 300 enterprises of Dongguan last August 1 over more than 300 has been greatly improved. "
Meet product infringed, in the face of the long process of human rights and the high cost, most furniture companies often choose to forgo their rights. But now many companies in this regard consciousness is strong, encounters a tort have picked up legal weapons to protect themselves.
In June 2002, all friends, Chengdu city furniture co sued the counterfeiting, forgery of "all friends" furniture design patent infringers. The first Chengdu furniture shape litigation lawsuit, created a stir in the Chengdu furniture industry.
In March, at a furniture showroom in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Joint furniture exhibitors, joint sponsorship of patent protection, which related to patent infringement is found in a booth exhibits, two patents were Elvis furniture for all. Cat King furniture together with Shenzhen Association, the Organizing Committee of the fair, together with the related booth exhibitors confirmed. Association ordered the infringement after withdrawal of fair exhibits. Cat King furniture marketing official, the Shenzhen furniture is just a beginning, they will continue to track infringing manufacturers product marketing activities.
Year Shenzhen Union King cat furniture is offering up a patent protecting the flag, the patent protection is actually protecting product innovation design of furniture, it is the basic guarantee for healthy and rapid development of China's furniture industry.
Problems of property rights protection
First, many companies "just bow pulling, whatever look." I have come across a number of furniture-business owner, a production and sales, and they talk, said every detail is wonderful. But referring to research and development and prospects for furniture industry, most are vague. They know little about the protection of intellectual property rights, I do not know why the patent law. Even think that plagiarism is a moral issue, not a legal problem.
Second, some enterprises on intellectual property protection a little, but not deep, intellectual property of absolutes, hoped that his mandate can rest easy, because their misconduct leads to lack of awareness of the rights of potential instability. Consider the following case:
Luo and du Pont are sofa manufacturing business owners, in early 2002, Romania 4 sofa a design model and put it into the booth, but was soon du is a counterfeit. Then he applied for a sofa a design patent, authorized after half a year, and lawyers to du as the defendants file a patent infringement lawsuit.
Du believes that his sofa style before its patent has been sold in the market, do not constitute an infringement. Court finally rejected Lo's prosecution according to law.
Third, enterprises face the activist has a fear of mental processes and costs. It is understood that in the furniture industry, patenting has been a perennial problem. Because the furniture industry product replacement faster, more product types, styles, Shen added, enterprises will all new products all patents are not realistic. And patent applications for a long time, generally applies after the report was handed in. Homes up 3 months notice of authorization, would notice until about half a year, this product has been sold openly. Now most of the illegal business is not plagiarism furniture, but copied some of them, even this part of applying for a patent. When the original company successful applications to the patent, its proceedings are being initiated, illegal enterprises will file a counterclaim, the original enterprise back, making it difficult to play a protective role. In addition, once the lawsuit, is a cumbersome process, putting human and material resources are also very large, companies feel that is not worth it.
Activist of the furniture industry of the road
Maintain the intellectual property needs of the furniture industry furniture trade association, furniture industry, furniture dealers, as well as research, even furniture specializing in the media, all with the efforts of institutions and individuals related to the furniture industry.
(A) furniture industry to adopt positive action
1. improve awareness of self protection, strengthening intellectual property management
Furniture is always the subject of intellectual property protection in the furniture industry, through to the corporate staff, particularly in the design and sales personnel for training in intellectual property, enhance their awareness of intellectual property rights, making it the main force of enterprise's intellectual property right protection, and strengthening the management of enterprise's intellectual property, so as to avoid business secrets, design drawing leaked.
Best choice for professional services, entrusted it with the management of enterprise's intellectual property related matters.
The protection of intellectual property, administrative and judicial protection in two ways. Administrative complaints were mainly the infringer filing complaints to the intellectual property administrative departments, and ways of resolving disputes within the statutory time. Advantage is simple and quick. And the corresponding judicial proceedings do not have this advantage. As regards administrative complaint or judicial proceedings, mainly to see the infringer you choose.
The patent law, trademark law, copyright law, the anti-unfair competition law and the protection measures for intellectual property rights during exhibitions can provide the legal basis for the protection of intellectual property rights, enterprises should know about.
3. Select the most appropriate form of protection
There are many ways of protection of intellectual property, enterprises should be based on the actual situation in different ways.
On the design of the structure or appearance of new furniture products, consider filing for patent protection, the latter may apply copyright and patent protections, Shenzhen will send to the design drawings for the record, in order to adapt to the patent examination time, and new furniture history an embryonic form of copyright protection. And for some related product improvements. You can consider applying for trademark protection, trademark products like some applications.
4 create a good environment for designers
So-called good environment, not merely the designer treatment, including designer status, increase the proportion of research and development in the enterprise.
Research and development is sensible, management cannot be simplified to r, use a good mechanism and inspire them to do research and development of the passion, so that we can break design talent shortage   "bottleneck".
5 product design and fully understand the patent
Design furniture products, designer must fully understand the patent of its kind, so as to avoid designing a crash, fall into the scope of the patent rights of others to protect, leaving risks of infringement.
Before enterprises in new product creation, patent agencies and to strengthen contact and exchange of patent information data collection and processing, design project of the correct decision.
6. set some technical barriers to
Technical barriers mainly refers to the production of products, or special materials using a special production process, a way of making it difficult for others to imitate or mimic. While invention may apply depending on the circumstances, such as for protection, to send the processing of technical information. ~ Must strictly control its release.
(B) organizations: to set up a special body and develop relevant provisions of
It is understood that the increasingly serious problem of plagiarism in the industry, shuangliu County, Sichuan, Shenzhen, Shunde, have set up specialized agencies, standardizing the furniture market, helping corporate rights. Shenzhen, Beijing has also developed regulations for the protection of intellectual property rights.
Individual furniture enterprises, high costs, many companies won but lost money, which is the root cause of many companies to give up rights, local furniture industry association was established by the specialized agencies and to develop a sound Ordinance, is currently the most effective way to protect furniture enterprise rights.
Which Shenzhen Association for intellectual property protection, Shunde furniture industry intellectual property protection Association's first product evidence preservation is worth learning from.
If no one member can not copy each other. Once copied, the light is not allowed to participate in domestic and international furniture exhibition, to disqualification. The introduction of this Bill, on the development of the Shenzhen furniture industry, played a positive role in regulating and protecting, two years since the enactment of the Ordinance, no member of a violation.
The latter says: enterprise products in the future, if necessary, apply to the Association of evidence preservation, craft and novelty of the product and other related content, preservation of evidence evidence down to reach for defensive purposes. Product by invasion of Pitchfork, to use this evidence as the lawsuit evidence. In addition, this measure also addresses enterprises do not have the ability to patent issues for all products, saving the enterprise cost. Because the system is confidential, and if they are later found to have good market potential, when you want to apply for a patent, can reapply.
(C) College: paying attention to furniture design talent
Furniture sector caused plagiarism rife, weak innovative ability for various reasons. One is design research and development personnel shortages. Therefore, the personnel training of colleges and universities should pay attention to furniture design, more stream of talent for the enterprise.
Also should be creation of intellectual property in universities and so on. I had contact with many furniture designers, they have the expertise, but little is known about intellectual property rights. Designers lack of awareness of intellectual property knowledge, is one reason maintain intellectual property rights in the furniture industry.
(Four} media: public opinion to play a supervisory role. Create an atmosphere of respect for intellectual property rights
Media, particularly furniture specializing in the media, should play an active role of the media, using weapons of supervision of public opinion, in the furniture industry to create a step by step to take pride in respecting intellectual property rights. Copying others ashamed of the intellectual work atmosphere and a good atmosphere for today's development of the furniture industry. Are essential, in other words, to further the healthy development of the furniture industry, it is necessary to have respect for intellectual property rights this soft.
Intellectual property protection is out today, because the Chinese furniture industry has reached a new stage of development, in this phase of winning by quality rather than quantity, associated with every company in the industry has some kind of intellectual property. Intellectual property rights are to be reckoned with, it's about a company and a healthy development of the industry, should be taken seriously. The journey, from my start, the road on foot. BACK
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