Kawaii furniture is mnemonic

China Guangzhou international furniture Expo phase II Office show around of office space, hotel space, public space organization of rich and diverse exhibits and display case, scale significantly expand to 190,000 square meters, one of the world's largest office furniture exhibition and commercial contractors. Guangzhou Office show theme to "Office culture and life" as the theme, create network time humanization of environmentally-friendly office environment under the new rules--a very kawaii working and living environment.
Green ubiquitous
King launched a zero-paint color furniture of office furniture products, using electrostatic powder spraying technology, powder coating contains no solvents, no waste-polluted and high utilization of powder, can be recycled.
Zhejiang Yong Yu developed a series of bamboo office furniture, used bamboo, making various wood textures, and wood nearly no difference in appearance, but more than wood in corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high mirror products and can even rival some painted furniture.
Office lighting is also the focus of environmental protection, full coverage led Office lighting systems. German classic minimalist lines full of pop, outline a green lighting artwork, many through sensors, automatic light switch, adjustable lighting, also through the memory mode setting user-dedicated comfort lighting.
Colorful corner
The Office space built in Matsu, first is the flow of colors. Indeed, the international furniture fair in Guangzhou office furniture fair into two, you will find a rainbow of color has become mainstream, with colorful describe nothing excessive. Among them, the bright green up, completely replace the old office space color gray. Shanghai avarte furniture brings Finland furniture designers yueliao·kukaboluo and his Finland Nordic design designer works, using simple materials and structure, use a jump combination of color and light and shadow.
Caused by one of the most interesting is United Kingdom in Victoria and Albert Museum, Germany long Chair, Vitra Museum, kukkapuro work with graphic designers, using Chinese paper-cutting art, color mixer back in his chair, then Dragon winds its way around in the Chair, making each Chair has a unique pattern.
Dynamic office space
Dynamic office space was introduced only this year new term, whether cellular or the Club's Office, emphasized on the space planning of people flow line and the State line, and even furniture, carpets, it equipment, lighting systems, green potted into the overall environment, showing communication between people and the environment.
First living space planning, focusing on flexibility, dynamic and flexible performance space. Second is the Office furniture extends into the air can be achieved. Such as open file cabinets and information cabinets above the desk and shelves, desk hollow hidden design, the touch of a button you can automatically lock all drawers, set safes, shredders, computer, printers, multi-function information boxes and file boxes in one of the side Cabinet.
LCD monitor stand is the most favored by customers this year design, intelligent office equipment this is the biggest breakthrough. Customers can be based on actual needs, decided on a column corresponds to a different number of monitors, enabling employees to easily realized, is a modern cellular Office the most intimate little assistants.
Seat overhaul
Office Chair apart from the introduction of the concept of home furniture, the most important thing is more ergonomic design. This office chair is a breakthrough innovations in materials, design, advocacy office chair increases the head pillow, neck pillow. Matsu Office Chair be guided Germany classic design bionics unique cocoon-like lumbar support, implementation support and perfect combination of light. A highlight of this year chairs, lots of seating in the Office Chair with lumbar support improvements to slow down "low back pain" Office of fate.
When reporters at the Guangzhou world furniture saw an Office Chair and backrest material is lined with steel, exterior Pu paint software design, lumbar-suspension design, can vary with the pressure of the waist.
Kang Kang Zhejiang back series, double back design, back two blocks close to the back, you can make back freedom of movement with the body BACK
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