Under the trend of environmental design of office furniture

United States industry, a study shows that, in today's more diverse composition of the staff of the Office, of different age and sex who live together in one place increased focus on the functionality and aesthetics of the Office, and more and more highly educated women in the workplace, workforce diversification, people cannot tolerate 2 o Office of the late 70 's design style. In addition, research shows that good office design will take into account the basic lighting and ventilation, can actually improve the efficiency in the long run. Investigators also found that, in the industry's top law, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies in the world, are improving their office space to accommodate this trend.
Fewer employees under the new economic conditions, work is more complex, more autonomy, greater span. Increasing productivity, enabling employees to create more value is the dream of all enterprises. Impact of new office space to Office furniture: to really adapt to there and possible new ways of working and types of jobs, Office design should change in the future.
Now, some workplaces large Prefecture is located in the corner of the Office, not only increasing House prices, as well as the maximum utilization of resources, there is, so that more people can see the scenery outside the window and exposed to more sunlight. You know, employees need to recharge every day, this Office can help them find work "inspired". So, interior designers place these into public office, made in informal small meeting area or the comfort of the Lounge will enhance the exchange of staff, contributing to the generation of new ideas. Of course, the original Office design like a dreary cage was gradually abandoned.
When is divided into units small office design is no longer popular, when open space is more popular, Office furniture of natural change. Furniture manufacturers are working to develop more powerful new systematic office furniture. These provide stretch folding screens and furniture Office platform, both privacy also saves office space and cost, and therefore popular. Sensitive office furniture manufacturers, such as Da v I s furniture company, m e t r o l I Kno and company set out to design a new line of desks and lockers, and so on. These new products smooth lines, attention to detail, emphasis on functionality, didn't taste heavy and chaotic product of industrialization as before.
Influence of green certified office furniture: what can inspire creativity? Studies have shown that some of the most basic elements contribute to the solution of this problem. Green building rating system certification, means building with excellent lighting conditions and the quality of the air circulation systems, which will improve the workplace environment, improved Office comfort. In other environments, it has been proved that these two factors can improve production efficiency. A California school study showed that if the lighting conditions are good in the classroom, students are exposed to enough sunlight, its efficiency can improve reading and math 7% to 1 O%.
Indoor air quality has become an important design consideration in the Office. It is reported that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has cooperation with real estate companies and construction organizations, to improve the air quality. Studies have shown that just good air quality this item, it can make a person improve the efficiency of 7% to 5%.
United States Green Building Council green building rating system released, attaches great importance to building energy-saving and environmental protection. It affects not only the architectural design, also have a far-reaching impact on Office furniture design. After the system certification of furniture not only high-end products, beautiful appearance, function, important is energy-saving and environmental protection. BACK
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