China's furniture industry for the first time into the Milan exhibition

China furniture forces into Milan, displaying original designs. On April 17, known as the global furniture industry "Olympic" Milan international furniture exhibition of Milan week of design in the design of all opened the curtain. Different from previous visitors, caught wind of current status, China's furniture industry in his capacity as exhibitors for the first time unveiled at the exhibition, more than 50 works of more than 80 pieces of Chinese designers chairs, "' sit down ' exhibition of Chinese contemporary chair design" focus on appearance. The international furniture fair of Milan's 51-year history, the attitude of Chinese furniture enterprises to showcase for the first time to attack.
Tip of the furniture trend in Milan
Global furniture industry "Olympic Games"---Milan international furniture fair, the world's furniture and home design top Milan international furniture exhibition and the exhibition "Milan design week", is the world's furniture, household, construction, clothing, accessories, lamps, design professionals annual "pilgrimages" design in San Diego. Known as one of the world's three-largest furniture exhibition, Milan international furniture fair, first held in 1961 to form the Milan international furniture fair, Milan international kitchen fair, the international bathroom furniture exhibition, Milan international lighting fair, Milan international furniture exhibition semi-finished products and accessories exhibition, the Salon satellite exhibition series. As the veritable "event system" perfect, Italy has for many years as the world's largest furniture and decoration products exporting country. Last year visitors 329,563, 5,791 journalists from around the world.
2012 Milan Furniture Fair's tagline is: "in addition to Milan, where are there? "It is worth mentioning that, 2012 as an even-numbered year, with sophisticated quality kitchen sanitary ware exhibition, again in the context of global design trends, the integration of technology and innovation.
Chinese designers in Milan "sit down"
Show only distinct as ever, Chinese furniture enterprises this year will for the first time show the Exhibitor identity.
April 17-22nd, sitting down ' exhibition of Chinese contemporary chair design ", will have more than 50 works of more than 80 pieces of Chinese designers chairs in the core area of Milan design week outreach Ansaldo Center debut of the Tortona district. The exhibition jointly by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing design week Red Star meikai long held by famous designers featuring curator Zhu Xiaojie. Music, federal, Rong Lin, Dickson and other furniture brands in China by exhibiting works of each.
Deputy Director of the Preparatory Office of the Beijing design week Sun Qun, told reporters: this is Italian design sector of the two countries in recent years, the highest, one of the largest exchange activity, is also China's contemporary design in a collective debut on the international stage. The choice to "sit" the subject, because it is closely related to home life in addition to sleeping, eating, entertainment, friends, work ... ... Almost all behavior and "sitting", which "sits" thinking is an eternal theme of furniture design in the world.
The transformation of Chinese furniture
China furniture low cost, low value added, original design force impressed, from design and business, exchanges and cooperation with the world's top exhibition; "sit down" show Oriental culture and understanding. This is the Milan design week, Chinese furniture reached out to and grasp the opportunity.
"We finally got the chance to appear together with their original design in Milan on the stand. "Rong Lin Jia Qi Lin, President of exhibitors sigh.
Federal furniture Zhong Haizhou group spokesman said: "March in Milan, is a showcase of Chinese furniture design opportunity. "
Qumei furniture official told reporters: "Italy Milan Furniture Fair attracts people from all over the world every year. There, you can take out the best design for the sale, design, made in China, China made further into China. "
Chongqing brothers decorated more than more than 10 research and development team will be leaving for Milan this weekend, its Tang Weisheng said: "the home into a culture, China furniture exhibition of Milan for the first time, that they can be output, Chinese-style house is expected to be popular around the world. "
In addition, Waterford Wedgwood blue mattress of the team, not only to touch at Milan to today's home fashion direction, also exploring the brand itself to go out of the country. BACK
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