Furniture maintenance

Leather sofa how can usually maintain?

Now, almost every Office will have an Office sofa, used to greet guests or friends. Because of reception furniture, many companies have high expectations for the sofa, would choose material good leather sofa. Buy a good sofa is not enough, you also need proper cleaning and maintenance methods.
Everyday ordinary cleaning, you can clean it with a clean soft cloth to dust, and then apply a cleaning agent with a soft cloth wipe the stained area gently, if the stain is too heavy, it can be repeated several times.
Removing of plastic materials (such as chewing gum): use an ice pack or ice water cools, fine linen cloth to gently wipe off.
If accidentally a ballpoint pen or ink left its mark on the sofa, you can wipe with soft rubber, in order to prevent fading, you can stain, first a few drops of water.
There is one caveat: avoid the use of alcohol and corrosive chemical solutions.
After cleaning the leather, leather care or outdated skin oil maintenance.
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