Furniture maintenance

Leather sofa care taboo

Leather sofa placed to avoid high temperature of     high temperature used leather look different, and each other. Therefore, the leather sofa should not be placed on the side of the radiator, do not let direct sunlight.
Do not place leather sofa in the room temperature is too low     temperature is too low or blowing cold air for a long time, will make the leather from the cold, cracking, hardening.
Do not place leather sofa in the humidity of the room    easily leather sofa surface skin damage and shorten the service life.
When cleaning leather sofas, do not use wet towels or wet cloth, wipe clean with a dry cloth as well.
When lying or sitting on a leather sofa, body cannot take the fabricated metal products (such as keys, knives), cannot draw on the leather.
Points to bear in mind above, otherwise it will have great impact on life of leather sofa.
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