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Solid wood kitchen cabinets furniture and maintenance methods

Solid wood kitchen cabinets furniture maintenance
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Now with a lot of affection for the solid wood office furniture, solid wood is also used in the kitchen furniture, which represented by the solid wood cabinets. Solid wood cabinets Cabinet maintenance of maintenance more complicated. Today, we talk about it's clean. Unlike Western kitchen, our kitchen range hood will play, so the Cabinet health requires us to often to clean. Under normal circumstances, wooden door skin paste were imported glue very close, and because after processing, very few may crack, not afraid of the water, but still needs to try not to solid wood when used above water, wipe clean with a damp cloth as well.
Often keep Cabinet of clean, daily with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently swab to surface dust, each across a time, with twist dry water of wet cotton silk will Cabinet horns Gala at of product dust thin arrangements will be net, again with clean of dry soft fine cotton arrangements will be dry can, also can in arrangements will be dry Hou coated Shang a layer thin of quality light wax, like wipe leather as soft to wipe out gloss, such do not only maintenance has wood cabinet, also increased has it of light. But use caution light wax, do not not use inferior products containing chemical.
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