Furniture maintenance

All kinds of office furniture maintenance list

Board office furniture
Furniture timber is a man-made sheet metal, including Fiberboard, Particleboard, plywood, furniture easy to damp musty in the Mei-yu season. In obvious wet weather can wipe with a soft dry cloth of condensation in the mist above, keep the room ventilated. If the result is not satisfactory, you can also use charcoal to absorb the moisture in the room.
Solid wood office furniture
Although many solid wood drying procedures are subject to stringent treatment before production, but solid wood furniture maintenance should also pay attention to the isolation of moisture. Can use specialized furniture Cleaner evenly over the surface of the furniture, and then gently wipe to ensure isolation moisture. In addition, colored painted furniture, you should avoid direct sunlight.
Rattan office furniture
Porous CANY art furniture, all kinds of bugs in Office in early May, so be careful maintenance and regular cleaning. If the furniture paint shedding phenomenon, should be supplemented with cleaning with paint.
Metal-glass office furniture
Many metal component uses the stainless steel material of the furniture, but do not use water to clean, otherwise some minerals in the water easily react with metals to corrosion. Weekday gently wipe away dust with a dry cloth. Glass plates to prevent scratching, so you place something on it's best with soft cloth or foam from isolation.
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