Furniture maintenance

Furniture repair and maintenance measures

Rapid economic growth, unprecedented strong furniture, building materials market. Due to the transportation and installation of man-made and natural causes such as temperatures, furniture, scratch, crack, fade and other issues but, furniture's life is under threat.
Furniture of the above problems, and in some cases is better late than never---it is not too late. If the furniture is the phenomenon of fade, we can look at the furniture, must distinguish between paint color, mixed color, two color and three layers of color, then make the appropriate treatment.
If the furniture is dull, must according to the furniture of bright Matt, grinding, polishing, light water, use accessories to be wax, abrasives for processing.
If the furniture is to be filled, 502 glue can be poured on will need to be filled, with broken wood fill in where needed to fill, and then doused with 502 glue, dry and then use file trimming protrusions or redundant, restored to its original shape. Used for sanding, repeatedly pouring 502 glue, with the spade a spade, or grinding, filling the position absolutely smooth.
If not accurately Grind, you can use sandpaper wrapped shovel plane, then polished to be filled.
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