Furniture maintenance

Hardwood furniture maintenance tips

1,   rooms such as the uneven floor, for a long time can lead to deformation of office furniture to avoid approaches is to use small wood mat.

2,   hot water cannot be placed directly on the surface of office furniture such as glass, leaving easy removal without a trace. Colored liquids, such as the ink you want to absolutely avoid sprinkling on your desktop.

3,   Beijing Office furniture surface to avoid friction with hard objects, so as not to damage the paint and wood surface textures, such as caution when placing porcelain, bronzes and other decorative items, it is best to pad a soft cloth.

4,   now hardwood furniture has two traditional hardwood furniture surfaces without paint, hot wax. Now a new production of hardwood furniture with lacquer or varnish to protect the surface. Hardwood furniture maintenance of different treatment methods in different ways.

5,   water inside the hardwood, hardwood furniture will contract when the air humidity is too low, too high swells. When General wood office furniture manufacturing rose shrink, but should pay attention to when using put, don't get too wet or too dry places, such as stove heating high-temperature heat, or too humid places such as basements, so as to avoid moldy or cracked.

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