Furniture maintenance

Leather office furniture maintenance

Appearance, wipe leather dust and dirt, then lightly with a care agent sofa looks one to two times (do not use care products containing wax) so in leather appearance constitute a film of maintenance, give the dirt hard to deepen the pores of the leather. Home leather sofa should be processed.

Second, to prevent a sharp object scratched leather.

third, the summer should be a home for every week. Don't wait to leather is dirty to clean, it will be difficult to clean as it is. Many cleaners on the leather was hurt when clean is very difficult to see, time is the problem, real leather, just as a man's skin, needs maintenance. As long as regular home for talents make your leather talent lasting as new, to bring you the enjoyment of life.

four, winter and sofa cleaning maintenance with wax once a month. Leather belt no, Oh-because even in winter it is warm!

five,   to prevent oil stains, ball-point pen, ink and other dirty leather. Such stains on the leather, leather cleaner should be immediately cleaned, if there is no leather cleaning agent, use clean white towels a little alcohol wipe gently blot, dry wet towels to dry for later use, last maintenance agent care estimate LV you are so enthusiastic about it, but leather sofa is also needed so fine Oh!

six, in order to extend the life and body of sweat is not directly in contact with sofa

seven, the leather to keep ventilation cannot be bored in one place for a long time, just like the shoes in the corner for a long time after finding a very old • • • • •

eight, to prevent direct sunlight leather, especially automotive window films and best car curtain, summer use hood cover.

nine, leather sofa to avoid moldy ... Due to wetting is essential leather mold, dirt and animal (mostly human sweat stains) and higher temperature is also an important condition for mold, and leather products should be kept in a dry environment. Frequently used leather, even in wet environments, if Pearl Bailey and soft care agents themselves, are not moldy. If not for a long time, is to use leather cleaner to clean clean, soft leather care agent on them so that you can avoid mildew. Such as leather bags in the freezer next to long the mildew · · · · ·

10, leather care must be comprehensive, not just nursing surface, untouched places care to, or mildew infection, such as leather CEO Chair when he has a lot of places are often unable to contact

11, with the Bailey beads maintenance leather products should not be corrosive chemical products

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