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Office furniture in spring moisture Raiders

Cold weather in recent days and docking, marine climate have brought continuous rain, Marvel, many citizens began to worry about furniture moisture problems, take this opportunity to its ideas to you.
1. solid wood furniture: with an absorbent surface moisture
The resurgence of symptoms: after the resurgence of wooden furniture, many water droplets on the surface, dry and then come. Homemade wood furniture there will be falling, white, wooden door is burst, deformation.
Tips: solid wood furniture with special cleaner for maintenance, the detergent evenly over the surface of the furniture, and then gently wipe; or using absorbent paper posted on the furniture surface moisture. Solid wood furniture in use to waterproof, easily absorb water under the furniture legs plus waterproof pad, near an outside wall and bathroom walls to keep air distances.
2 leather furniture: desiccant dehumidification rate
The resurgence of symptoms: leather furniture, leather will meet after the resurgence of cold hardening, surface mold appears less ventilation, easily lead to deformation or leather discoloration.
Tips: try dusting, furniture maintenance on surface dedicated mink oil, lanolin oil, leather, etc. Humidity, use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface, mold mildew removal agent available to clear and then coated with leather maintenance oil. Leather sofa, people may consider appropriate to put some desiccant to dry.
3. sewing sofa: sofa towel absorbent is better
The resurgence of symptoms: fabric furniture spring wet, easily stained ash, stick together and easy to
Tips: fabric sofa with a special vacuum cleaner sucked clean of dust on the surface of it is best to use water absorption good sofa towel and cleaned frequently.
4. metal furniture: dry rag to clean, rust-proof clear
The resurgence of symptoms: metal arm or feet prone to rusting, especially metal furniture surface discoloration and spots appear.
Tips: metal furniture often with a tarpaulin and a soft detergent cleaning, try not to use in a damp environment. With wet weather, it is best to clean with a dry cloth. If there is rust, you can use a dish cloth or toothbrush stained with rust-proof sweep off and then Polish with a dry cloth if wrought iron furniture, rust is found, you should fill paint in a timely manner.
5.  rattan furniture: good ventilation to prevent deformation
The resurgence of symptoms: adsorption by rattan furniture if the excess water will become soft, loose structure, plane down.
Tips: rattan furniture rattan slot is easy to breed mold and, frequently, the ventilation work to do, but not exposed in the Sun after cleaning to prevent deformation or fracture.
Warm Tip: we can use some everyday practical damp proof gadgets, are as follows:
Moisture: for partial dehumidification, moisture is more effective. Could be placed in closet organizers, wardrobes, shoe racks and even the piano dehumidifier. After some time we can see that the bottom water in the box more and more, above the desiccant faded, easy to use.
Mold repellent: in choosing a pest control agent, select both pest and mold. Supermarkets are available, convenient and practical.
Bag: afraid of moisture of Chinese herbal medicines or food at home can use freezer bags sealed from moisture. If it has been exposed to moisture, drying and then sealed in a microwave oven.
Baking soda: the perils of baking soda can absorb moisture in the kitchen, blocking can be used as a cleaning agent, scrub the tub, washbasin, washbasin, oil pollution, the effect is good.
Washing: washing powder is easy to use the desiccant. Open a new box of washing powder, poke several small holes in the plastic film, put it in the corner of any need to dehumidify. Washing powder caking be able to get enough water to wash the clothes, do not waste.
Candles: If the room is too humid, the candles can play a role in lowering indoor humidity, make it impossible for moisture condensation. In addition, if you already smell at home, you can choose a natural plant aromatic essential oil scented candles, candles can be dry air, and can remove the smell in the room.
Charcoal, bamboo charcoal: charcoal, bamboo charcoal voids can be adsorbed on the surface of the water vapor, combines deodorizing, suitable for small area of dehumidification, and can be dried and reused, is the lowest carbon conservation tool.
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