Furniture maintenance

Wood office furniture maintenance

Furniture from natural wood products, its biggest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, and more natural color. Due to the natural wood is constantly breathing organisms and therefore must be placed in appropriate environments of temperature and humidity, while avoiding beverages, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If melamine material, when dirt is large, you can use diluted neutral detergent combined with warm water to wipe once, then wipe, remembers with a soft dry cloth to wipe off the residue from the water stains, after a full wipe and use maintenance wax Polish, even when done. Only pay attention to routine cleaning and maintenance to make furniture is timeless.
Wood is just a small amount of care can keep as new. Such as tables, in use as far as possible to use mat pad under the hot plate to prevent food soup spills, dip, or spoil, avoiding furniture surfaces come into contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, Nail Polish, and so on, if it is placed within the box, Cabinet and other close furniture appropriate solid mothproofing agent, and so on. In addition, please do not put them near the heater outlet, because dry heat will cause Split or distorted.
If you have a high quality plywood furniture--such as a beautiful veneer furniture, you don't need to worry too much about it. If you have wood furniture, so you should be especially careful to arrange the drop location.
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