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How to Office furniture wax

If you are looking for a quick and easy way, then, we can tell you, is not. Of course, coated with a small amount of Polish on the cloth, on the furniture for a quick light is very fast, but you often need to dust the furniture twice. Oil will attract dust, not against dust. Furniture once because oil changes after a beautiful shine, it will quickly become covered with the dust. And a lot of dust and oil together, resulting in extremely difficult to clean furniture, are prone to scratches. So why do most museums will grease the furniture? The answer is both simple and complex. Oil on furniture surface coating (instead of wood) are good. As time goes by, furniture surface coating is getting dry, will end up on the wood "evaporates" lead to coating cracking or collapse. However this process will occur long after the long, and they are more likely in this coating wear due to daily use. Therefore, you should use wax to protect the wood itself, minimizing the dust, and not too much stress on surface coating of wood moisture content.
Liquid wax in a way better than Polish, they can manufacture a protective layer on the surface of wood, dust down instead of sticking, but its protection is not as durable as the sand wax.
For wooden furniture, the best protection is to use high quality sand wax, they contain a small amount of wax, a large number of carnauba wax. They are very hard, you can cut off a small amount of sand wax (about a ball of 1/4), placed on a piece of fabric, kneading back and forth until it is soft enough to be used for wax. Then begin a furniture wax. With a small circular movements, wipe the sand wax to wood surfaces. Remember, the more wax you use hard, it can better protect your furniture. If you have large pieces of furniture wax, make sure that you always take a break, because the wax is not a simple matter, what you want to do it, you have to keep it fresh.
Once after you to wax your furniture, cover should be able to 1-2 years, depending on number of times you use it. If 5-10 years later, the furniture surface coating becomes Dim or darken, then you can use mineral oil to clean wood, old wax, shave, apply a new protective layer of wax. Some purists strongly supports the use of mineral oil finish to replace mineral oil. However, mineral oil concentrate risk needs to be used with caution. If you want to use mineral oil finish, please refer to the instructions for use and precautions for use.
If you use furniture Polish instead of wax, you will find a few years later the furniture surface coating will darken. Unfortunately, in fact Polish dust adsorption, fusion, in addition to the surface coating of wood except for the whole Strip is no way to individually clear the dust.
If you are looking for a dark or antique color coatings for wood, you can use beeswax instead of carnauba wax.
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