Furniture maintenance

Office furniture maintenance seven taboos

Office furniture maintenance
, Not dragged while handling a hard pull, should light up light; should be placed flat on the steady if uneven ground, leg pads to be solid to prevent damage to mortise structure;
Second, do not put your furniture in the Sun, also bogey in too dry to prevent wood cracking and deformation
Third, do not put your furniture in a very humid place to prevent wood swelling when wet, a long time easily rotten, drawers will not open;
Four, don't coat on top of the cabinets and other furniture lead to avoid protruding doors, cupboard door doesn't stay closed, clothing also avoid piling up too much, avoid over doors, in case the doors deformation;
Five, do not rinse or use is cloth made of plywood furniture, don't soak in alkaline water, prevent the plywood glue or degelatinized;
Six, not original paint with furniture of different color paints and PuTTY mix embedded furniture fracture plugging, so as not to leave scars;
Seven, do not use alkaline water or water wash furniture or placed on the desktop a high concentration of alcohol, banana oil and boiling water, boiling hot something, to prevent damage to the paint.
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