Furniture maintenance

Office furniture desk table maintenance

Ban Tai maintenance:
1. If the desktop is stained with dust, duster clears dust with a clean rag and wipe again.
2. maintenance and not ex-hair clean cloth, rub the dry wipe. Try to avoid using too rigid quality or rough cloth or clean cloth, to prevent harm to the product surface.
If the product has been used for some time, there are many abrasive or scratching the surface of their products, as long as the services back to the factory refurbished, after the factory as products can save reset charge.
Note 項:
1. class console table with veneer is a natural product, different batch 貨 product color is a little chromatic aberration.
2. avoid the use of oleaginous furniture cleaner, easy school changes the desktop of albino. Albinism occurred when the desktop you should return to the factory service repair.
3. desktop filled with oil 漬 times, General cleaner wipe. Should avoid using volatile products wipe
4. to make the coating membrane intact, desktop should avoid placing plastic fuel ectonomc.
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