Furniture maintenance

Furniture maintenance summary

Daily life, housewives often to clean your furniture and maintenance, to keep them shiny. But you may not know that some methods of cleaning and maintenance, though making the furniture clean, but in reality is potential damage to furniture, with the increase of time, your furniture will be irreparable problems.
Wipes clean
To clean furniture maintenance, must be used first to make sure the cloth is clean. When cleaning or wiping dust after, be sure to flip or, to put it in a clean cloth and use. Don't be lazy and repeated use has dirty side, repeatedly in the furniture that will only make the dirt surface friction, but light can damage furniture surfaces.
Choosing the right care agent
Want to maintain the original brightness of the furniture, furniture care currently spray wax two furniture care products and cleaning and maintenance agent. The former will target a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire-proof material such as plastic furniture, and jasmine, and two different kinds of fresh flavor of lemon. Which apply to a wide range of wooden, glass, synthetic materials such as wood or melamine Board furniture, especially for mixing materials of furniture. Therefore, if we can use both clean, nursing care products, will be able to save a lot of precious time.
Care wax and cleaning and maintenance spray before use, it is best to first shake it, then hold the spray tank, at a 45-degree angle, let the tank of the liquid components do not break under pressure is fully released. After that dishtowels where at a distance of about 15 cm spray it lightly, so wipe the furniture, we can have very good cleaning effect. In addition, the cloth after use, remember to wash and dry. Furniture with fabric material such as fabric sofa, casual cushions, you can use clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When in use, use a vacuum cleaner to the dust suction, then carpet cleaner a little spray on the wet cloth to wipe.
Four mistaken ideas in
Wipe furniture, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes you no longer wear rags
Best with a towel, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth, absorbent cloth to wipe the furniture. Denim, cable head cloth or stitching, buttons can cause surface scratching of furniture such as old clothes, you should avoid using.
Do not use a dry cloth to wipe dust on the surface of the furniture
Dust is made up of fibers, and silica sand, a lot of people used to wipe clean with a dry cloth to clean the surface of furniture. These fine particles on friction rub, has damage furniture finish. Although these little scratches, even the naked eye cannot see, but as time passes, would lead to furniture surfaces dark and rough, light no longer.
Do not use SOAP, detergent, or water cleaning furniture
SOAP, detergent and other cleaning product not only cannot effectively remove the accumulated dust on the furniture surface, silica sand particles cannot be removed before Polish, but also because they are corrosive and can damage furniture surfaces, furniture paint becomes bleak. Also, if water penetrated into the wood, can also lead to wood or to local deformation, shorten the service life. Now a lot of the furniture is made of fibreboard machine if there is moisture penetration into the, the first two years because of formaldehyde and other additives is not yet completely finished the volatile, not moldy. But after the once volatile additives, moisture damp cloth thrown furniture mildew, if lower-floor tenants, home furniture may huangmei days per year are "bad" one. Would also like to remind you here, even if some furniture surfaces with piano lacquer coating, can be properly scrubbed with water or wet cloths should not be left on for a long time on the furniture surface to prevent moisture seeping into the wood.
Furniture care spray wax cannot be used to clean and repair leather
Many spray wax furniture care instructions written on a leather sofa for maintenance, many housewives made a mistake. Furniture store clerk knows, furniture care spray wood furniture wax can be used to spray the surface cannot be sprayed on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually animal skin, once the spray wax spray on it, it can result in clogged pores of the leather, over time, leather aging and shorten its service life. In addition, some people in order to make furniture look more shiny, apply some wax products directly on the furniture, or improper use, but will make furniture the surface of the fog-like markings.
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