Furniture maintenance

How to maintain to make furniture of solid wood furniture youth

Solid wood office furniture is not the wet
Solid wood furniture how to care: solid wood furniture should not be stored in a humid room, the furniture will become wrinkled due to wet, not only affect the appearance, and will shorten the service life of solid wood office furniture.
To prevent this problem, you must keep the Interior dry. In a wet summer, you may want to use thin plastic parts in contact with the ground separating the furniture, and help keep parts against the wall with the wall furniture clearance 2-3 cm distance, problem solved.
Solid wood furniture do not isolate
Solid wood furniture how to maintain: solid wood furniture if exposed to moisture exposure? You don't think so, the Sun will cause erosion of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture should be placed in a place not subject to direct sunlight and avoid furniture long time exposure. If the furniture need to be placed in the window, can be matched with curtains block UV rays.
Wipe furniture is best to choose the light waxes
How to maintain solid wood office furniture: furniture is often wiped, but want to remind you, when you wipe the furniture, don't use alcohol solvent stain, corrode, gasoline components of furniture. Best selection of wood wood furniture wax, thinly coated surface finishes, and then with a dry cotton cloth. This reduces dust, increases gloss.
Will distance itself from heat sources
Solid wood furniture how to maintain: solid wood furniture don't like hot places. When choosing a location, to avoid contact with other heat sources of heat like heating, heated dry will make furniture, affect the appearance.
If it takes place in and near the heating, it can use some heat-resistant material separated from the furniture to avoid injury.
Keep brilliant freelance
Solid wood furniture how to maintain: bract with neutral soap bubble of warm water (approximately 1:20) mix to clean wood furniture surfaces. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, and then with a dry cloth to dry the surface of the water can reduce the stains on the surface of wooden furniture, keep furniture and bright colors.
To balance temperature and humidity
Solid wood furniture maintenance: now, many families have installed air conditioning, indoor and outdoor air humidity, temperature there is a lot of difference. Some furniture will crack, this is because the wood loses moisture, too much expansion and contraction amplitude increase temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, wood rib fracture caused due to too dry inside.
So to maintain the solid wood furniture has some moisture, keep the humidity in the air.
Wood furniture repair
Solid wood furniture maintenance: If maintenance not carried out furniture appear unsightly cracks and bruises, affect the appearance. Continue to swing it, ugly; throw it, too bad.
This problem occurs when you need to have the furniture fixes to make it back to the original style. According to the different issues, difference in repair mode, you can according to the problems encountered in the home furniture, select a suitable method.
Solid wood furniture how to maintain: people sometimes don't pay attention, often filled with hot soup bowl or Cup filled with boiling water directly on the painting wood furniture, furniture will appear ugly on the colour very hot mark. Don't worry, in this case, you can use fine cloth dampened with a little tea or toilet water, gently wipe, so hot they can get a great deal of improvement.
Surface minor scratches
Solid wood furniture maintenance: home and avoid some bumps, if you have a baby at home, when you're not looking, he might draw a mark to your favorite furniture and even caused loss of paint film. Regrets or blame child does not help, it is important to repair: can be repair furniture with a colored pen color, and then coated with a layer of clear nail polish, so you can have good effect.
Tables, chairs, cabinets surface cracks, holes
Solid wood furniture how to maintain the furniture using a long time inevitably cracks, holes. Just looking for some useless old books, cut it into crumbs, then add the proper amount of alum, cooked into a paste with water, embedded in the slot. Dry solid. Can turn even the wood with white glue, embedded crack, be sanded after one day and night, simple and economical results.
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