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Solid wood furniture in the summer how to maintain?

Entering the rainy season, days of rainy and humid weather, a few days does not clear up, you know the condition of furniture needs to mold? Summer is coming, summer light, temperature and humidity changes fast, the air is humid, sultry, intense UV, which will affect the life of the furniture.
Rain prevents moisture invasion
Resist moisture intrusion, keeping dry is the first problem of the rainy season, solid wood furniture, Panel furniture and upholstered furniture should be measures of moisture damage in advance.
Many solid wood furniture at the factory after the drying process, but this does not mean that you can not moisture care. With a dry cloth dipped in special wood furniture cleaner, you can form a protective film on the surface of solid wood furniture to prevent moisture infiltration.
Furniture materials including Fiberboard, Particleboard, plywood, easy to damp musty in rainy days, you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe the condensation in the water, keep the room ventilated. If the result is not satisfactory, you can also use charcoal to absorb the moisture of the room. A lot of moisture was once destroyed by leather furniture, aristocratic, leather furniture, dusting, necessary to on the surface smeared with mink oil, lanolin oil, leather, etc, can be moisture-proof mold. In wet weather and maintenance fabric sofa, wind blowing sofa can be used in order to remove humidity in the sofa. Metal handrails on the furniture or foot, found signs of water vapor corrosion rust, be sure to sweep off in a timely manner.
Hot furniture summer
To prevent excessive changes of temperature and humidity in summer, and a strong influence of illumination and furniture away from heat source or air should be, and to avoid a huge temperature difference furniture damage or premature aging. Also, you can make adjustments to the placement of the furniture, avoid direct sunlight and, if necessary, with curtains shielding.
Most of the moisture content of wood furniture will do, even in summer a little expansion would not affect the durability of the furniture. But mahogany furniture because of the large carved, and without moisture treatment, using the need to rework the first year of grinding. In order to prevent the summer due to excessive expansion of solid wood drawers, doors to open and close, you can smear on a slide at the bottom drawer, door edge and wax or paraffin.
Selection of leather furniture is generally divided into green (head of cow leather), and semi-green (two of cow leather) and imitation leather. For leather, dry cloth wipe, large condensation stains foam cleaner cleaning. "Sweat more in the summer, the pores of the leather will absorb the sweat, of organic matter in high temperature and moisture can make the sweat and leather chemical reaction, odor, so clean, preferably in air-conditioned room dry. ”
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