Furniture maintenance

Multi material fashion furniture maintenance tips

Deformation of thermal expansion and contraction of easy to make glass, containing hot water and hot soup dishes cannot be placed directly on the glass surface, you must pad to add insulation, or due to thermal expansion and contraction of the glass, when the temperature difference is easily broken.
Rattan furniture remember regular cleaning ash
Rattan furniture usually available wet cloth and mild cleaning agent scrub, when ash, you can use a brush or vacuum cleaner.
Rattan furniture when you use the long scale, preferably with salt scrub, not only can the decontamination, would allow the rattan soft rich elasticity.
Rattan furniture most avoid next to the radiator, the joints will dry, brittle due to fever.
Rattan furniture to avoid direct sunlight, faded, dry in case of rattan.
Metal furniture gently drying
No matter what kind of metal furniture, move would have to be handled with care, avoid the bump; avoid touching hard metal parts, such as a fruit knife, keys, so as not to cause scratches. Fold not too hard, to ensure that the folded portion does not suffer.
Chrome chrome furniture furniture can not be placed in damp, or rust, and even led to loss of deposit. Chrome-plated film appear as yellow-brown filigree, with a neutral oil often cleans, prevent its extension to expand. Rusty, cotton, silk or brush dipped in oil paint on rust, for a while and then wiping repeatedly, up to rust removal, absolutely not with sandpaper. Normally no chrome on chrome furniture with a layer of rust, put it in a dry place. Real high quality titanium TI furniture while furniture will not rust, but it is less in contact with water, often with a dry cotton a shine and fine silk or cloth to keep the bright and beautiful.
Spray spray furniture furniture if the stains, may use the wet cloth to wipe clean, then wipe dry with a dry cloth, be careful not to retain moisture.
Pay attention to Sun care wipe the plastic furniture
Plastic furniture can be ordinary detergent wash, pay attention not to hit hard objects, do not use a metal brush cleaning. Wash, sunscreen can maintain its new plastic furniture for a long time.
PVC furniture easy to aging, brittle fracture, can only be used indoors, do not apply to outdoor. Should avoid direct sunlight, near the stove and radiator. Electric iron as rupture is available after the soft patch, you can also use banana PVC powder dissolves into water and glue to patch.
Polypropylene furniture, light, oil, chemical solvent resistance performance is good, but the hardness difference, should prevent collisions and tips scratch hard objects, such as cracking can be patched by hot-melt, no glue to repair.
The excellent properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Long life, durable, but damage difficult to repair, trim screws plus washers connections available. Should be used to prevent unexpected fracturing, heavy carrying capacity and scratches.
Artificial leather, synthetic leather, soft leather furniture, heat, Sun, cold, oil, cannot be placed in the bathroom, the kitchen. Be clean soft cloth to clean. If dirt is heavier, cloth moistened with neutral detergent to wipe, then wrung out damp cloth, then wipe dry with a dry cloth. In leather, synthetic leather covered furniture with covers, sofa cover, Chair cover can extend the service life.
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